Who are Collective Narrative?

Our platform powers Rams Recollections for Derby County, PompeyVoices for Portsmouth FC, #citystories for Manchester City and the Jubilee Time Capsule for The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

Collective Narrative is a dedicated, secure space for you to capture your story on the web. Stories from your fans, customers or employees. Stories about your family. Stories that you want to keep in one place, forever.
Whatever your story, Collective Narrative is the way to tell it.

What? Tell me more...

Unlock your heritage

Your history is being written all the time, mostly by your customers, fans or employees.

Their stories are your heritage. They will tell you why they have a relationship with you, if you let them. That’s what we do.
We will help capture your history and transform it into the valuable asset it should be.

Meaningful stories

Every fan, employee or customer has something to say about you.

Collective Narrative create the place where people come together to write your history with you.
People do want to say something meaningful, to demonstrate what their connection is with you, to go beyond 140 characters. This is the best place to let them do that, giving you focus, control and curation to bring out their story.

Dedicated. Self-managed. Flexible.

Beyond engagement

This is the place to share our passions in a meaningful way.

Passion is a deep connection. It’s beyond ‘engagement’ and deserves to be demonstrated in a meaningful, evocative way.

Real stories from real people who will take the time to record their thoughts for you. You want more than a like, a retweet or a comment and so do we.

Keep them forever

Stories deserve to last forever not just a few seconds or clicks.

Social sites do a good job of creating connections that quickly get lost amongst the noise.

Stories deserve better than this.

We keep your stories to build into a dedicated space packed with the passion of you, your fans and customers.

CN Updates

All those Rams Recollections

Growing up as a child of the 70s I think I always knew that Derby were one of the great sides of that era and that they had a long history. Founding member of the Football League, winning championships, cup wins, iconic players and managers that result in a club […]

11 September 2015 0

PompeyVoices will be heard!

We’re delighted to be working with Portsmouth Football Club on PompeyVoices. Such a grand old club. We’ve been down there on many occasions and it’s impossible to ignore just how embedded the club is in the city. Physically, the stadium couldn’t be more a part of the community – I’m […]

27 August 2015 0

Extreme Involvement In Everybody Else’s Business

Here is Marshall McLuhan knowing the future. The Global Village does not mean harmony.  

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